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Tennyson Primary School

Including the Community

Including the Community

We believe in guiding our communities to overcome barriers collaboratively and across the trust there will be a strong ethos around partnership.  Our working and leadership principles and policy framework underpin our statutory obligations to the community and stakeholders as well as our ambitions for the pupils. 

We will make sure that we engage with parents in all our schools at Board and local governing body levels to take responsibility for understanding what parents think as they will have important perspectives to bring to bear in discussions and decisions about the education of their child.

The governance, at Board and local level, will be informed by meaningful engagement with parents/carers, pupils, staff, local communities and employers to understand their views and listen to their feedback. The Trust will have very close links with individual schools through their local governing body (LGB) and will respond rapidly to the issue and risks they identify and escalate as appropriate.

The Board will take responsibility for understanding what parents think, acknowledging that being parents who are Trustees or involved in the LGB will have valuable knowledge and perspectives to bring to bear in discussions and decisions. This will help to guarantee that there is a strong link between governance and the parent community. This also helps to ensure that a diverse range of perspectives, including those of parents, is always brought to the table to enable well-informed and robust decision making.

Above all, however, we remember that parents and carers are the child’s first, best and most important teacher. We aim to foster and build upon the relationship between home and school so that together we can provide the children with an outstanding education.