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The Tennyson Learning Community (TLC) was delighted to receive its academy order from the DfE in August 2019. We are a new primary multi-academy trust with Tennyson Road Primary becoming the first academy to join. However, the new trust is not just about Tennyson Road. We believe that the TLC can enable local schools, their governors and leaders and the communities that they serve, to come together and take responsibility to provide better education in the local primary community, rather than just in their individual schools. 

Amongst the trustees on our new Board are an NLE, a current head of education service, a former head of school improvement from a shire authority and other trustees with significant professional and commercial skills and talents such as in publishing, assessment, procurement and human resources. The executive team includes strong experience in academy operations with new appointments made from within the academy sector. 

As you can see, we are ready to go and we are sincere about sharing with you our success, a success that has placed Tennyson consistently in the top 2-3 per cent of schools in England, surpassed once again in 2019 with Reading, Writing and Maths progress well above average for all three measures (4.7 to 5.7). Put simply, it is because of this, that there is an expectation from the Secretary of State that the TLC would grow quite quickly, albeit modestly, entrusted with a target of 2 or 3 schools by 2021. 

We are a Trust team that aims to promote and celebrate the individual identity and traditions of the schools that join, supported by a common ethos, and this is really important to us. We are committed to valuing the contributions that each school will make as well as the challenges they may present.  The Trust will grow and develop the Tennyson provenance that has sustained these outstanding primary results and build upon the highly effective support already provided for other Luton schools.