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Our Leadership Values

Our Leadership Values

Our Leadership Values

The touchstone to our success is the leadership and professional behaviours we can expect of our staff, positioning our Trust academies as great places to work. This represents how the Trust academy staff and executive leaders wish to be regarded, to relate to each other and to pupils and parents. It is underpinned by the regulatory professional standards, including the Teaching and Headteacher standards.

The Trust commits the leadership group to lead by example and ensure that their behaviours and the way they approach their work embodies its values, and through being accountable for their actions and outcomes, sharing information with staff when it should be shared, and seeking out and valuing other perspectives.

We all know that highly effective visible leadership at all levels, helps to set the standard for improving outcomes for all of our pupils and developing and supporting teaching, administrative and support staff. Great teamwork with strong family and community values are essential. We ardently believe in the need to foster a close partnership and empathy between the staff, parents and pupils enabling them to be happy, challenged and to make an individual contribution to the success of our Trust. The Trust aspires to make a difference to all children and young people, the disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, working in partnership with parents, carers and the local community.

Together we endeavour to model and exhibit the following behaviours:

  • talk openly and honestly together to ensure there is clarity about the specific requirements of the academy
  • and agree the focus for support, challenge and for further intervention
  • share, as well as to take on board, new ideas, responding positively to the advice and challenge given, understanding that this is offered to support positive and sustainable change to improve outcomes for pupils without fear or favour
  • lead and teach by example, modelling and promoting the Trust and academy values, in a climate of mutual respect, encouraging others to take a lead and accountability in their area of responsibility
  • motivate colleagues to present their own ideas, listen to and valuing what they say, and encouraging them to take action, initiate and drive change
  • ensure ambitious targets have been set and communicated actively promoting recognition of exemplary teaching and leadership
  • support a culture where staff can freely come forward to challenge standards and take appropriate measures to address poor performance
  • provide opportunities for staff to contribute and lead within the Trust community of practice
  • provide academy performance data, academy development plans, and other information, meeting the deadlines for academy reviews, testing, marking, recording and reporting information
  • professionally prepare for meetings with academy improvement partners, governors and Trustees, ensuring that arranged dates are promptly secured and honoured
  • agree the focus, programme and schedule of all activities for academy effectiveness and improvement, including opportunities to fully involve representatives of the Trust and include the local governing body
  • formulate the management response to academy reviews and with accountability shaped in the academy development plan with measurable milestones and targets
  • commit to the very highest outcomes for all our pupils in every respect with highly challenging teaching so that pupils of all abilities are stretched academically, enjoy their learning and their attitudes are excellent
  • ensure progress accelerates as pupils move through the year groups and they make exceptional progress in Years 5 and 6, especially in mathematics and English
  • reveal the strengths and develop the interests of all pupils inspired by the excellent broad and balanced curriculum
  • provide wider opportunities beyond the classroom through sport, modern languages and music that are second to none!
  • complement the pupils’ journey with a calm and purposeful learning environment in which they thrive, where they feel secure and safe, recognising risk and how to get help when they need it
  • encourage the pupils to celebrate diversity and respect others regardless of ability, gender, ethnicity or religion
  • foster positive behaviour, developed according to well understood principles and will be consistently applied, rewarding and celebrating good behaviour, progress and milestones in success