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Tennyson Primary School

Business Plan and Growth Strategy

The Future of the Trust

The Tennyson learning Community is driven to transform the opportunities for children and young people in its care with the following principles and ambition:


  • to establish top class primary academies that are centres of excellence for leadership, teaching and learning and are flagships and centres for learning for other academies and schools

  • to transform opportunities and change life chances of children and young people who live in challenging times as well as challenging places

  • to work in partnership with learners, their families, communities and businesses, to raise aspirations, foster great expectations and achieve ambitious goals

The Benefits We Bring

The Tennyson academies will be mutually supportive in order that good and outstanding practice can be secured effectively and quickly. The operational team has many years of proven experience in improving the educational outcomes for children and young people having provided outstanding leadership and teaching wherever they have worked.

The Trust recognises that some of its new academies may have underperformed in the past for a variety of reasons. To put these academies on a ladder of progression to improve within the shortest possible period, the Trust will implement the Trust School Improvement Strategy, with clearly defined and measurable expectations and goals. 

To this end, the Tennyson Learning Community will:

  • Invest in rigorous reviews of each academy it intends to sponsor as an academy, to pinpoint where the weaknesses lie and the priorities for action, so that it can hit the ground running when the Trust becomes the official sponsor

  • Prioritise raising standards in reading, writing, and mathematics, at key stages 1 and 2 so that all pupils achieve age related expectations and strong progress by the end of the first year as a Trust academy

  • Improve the quality of teaching with the expectation that by the end of its first year as a sponsored academy, all teaching, learning and assessment will be at least good, with the ambition of increasing this proportion rapidly by intervening and supporting colleagues where it is not so.

  • Develop a Trust that has relevance to all sections of its community, communicating a very clear value proposition so that people recognise and understand the benefits of an education with the Tennyson Learning Community.

  • Ensure that prospective parents, parents, staff and local organisations understand the benefits and distinctiveness associated with the Trust. They will know what is expected of them in order to ensure that it is able to provide the very best education to the children and young people in its care.

  • Work with stakeholders to communicate and share our values and beliefs, its objectives, its areas of strength and its successes and they will be able to articulate how they benefit from their relationship with the Trust.

  • Recruit and retain staff that choose to work for the Trust because of the care, support and career opportunities it provides. This comes from being a part of a Trust that uses the skills and resources of its key partners in the education community.

  • Provide strong management systems that are understood by staff and designed to make the difference. This will include well-monitored procedures for testing and improving standards and outcomes in each academy.

  • Develop effective communications with parents and carers and the communities the academies serve that will engender stronger parental engagement.

Growth Strategy and Business Plan Document


trust strategic plan and growth strategy 2023 2026 final 1 .pdf