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Tennyson Primary School

School Improvement Services


Our school improvement drives exceptional learning forward, The school improvement team is committed to supporting schools to maintain high standards and provide the best possible provision for all learners.


Our School Improvement aims and performance objectives

Our school improvement aims stem from our Trust strategic objectives. They ensure that outstanding outcomes for children remain the driving force behind all that we do. 



Target Setting

At the start of every academic year the Trust will set targets with each Academy to realise these performance standards above.

The targets set will be challenging but achievable to ensure rapid progress or sustained high performance.
The targets proposed for each Academy will be reviewed at the local governing board before being formally agreed by Trust Board in October.
Once targets are agreed they will form the success criteria in development plans and the performance management for senior leaders across the Trust.


Our approach and strategy 

At the Tennyson Learning Community, improvement is seen as a collective responsibility and our strong systems and structures support all our academies and those that join us.
Our approach to school improvement is based upon a shared vision and values centered around an exceptional education for every child.
We work with academies at the different stages of their journey of continual self-improvement.
Whether at leadership or classroom level, different strategies will be needed to ensure our children achieve at the highest level in all areas of school life.



Analyse and Audit 

 Through audit and analysis using the school improvement process, the tier of the academy is indicated. This process helps the Trust Executive to fully shape the strategy to be implemented to assist the academy in meeting its performance objectives. 



School Improvement Tier System

The level of support required to assist academies in meeting the performance objectives is indicated below, reviewing all academies in this way means that common priorities lead to informed procurement and resourcing.

Across the Trust, we develop and share effective strategies that work in the classroom through a network of outstanding teachers and leaders. Subject specific expertise and pedagogical understanding is developed through a range of collaborative approaches. We use an evidence-based approach to school improvement capitalising on relevant research to sustain and improve a high-quality education.



New schools joining the Trust 

A baseline assessment is undertaken during the due diligence process to establish overall school performance against national benchmarks and Trust KPIs.

A review of published data together with the school’s latest in-year data is undertaken along with a review of the school improvement plan and latest SEF.  The Trust will evaluate whether a broad and balanced curriculum is in place, that is effective and appropriate. 

All schools joining the Trust will be welcomed into the collaborative family with a role in supporting school improvement across the Trust.  Where a school has been identified as a capacity taker through the due diligence process, the Trust will use its central capacity to support rapid school improvement. 

In addition, the Trust when appropriate, will commission support from other MATs and individual specialists in order to take swift action and implement strategies to make a positive impact on educational outcomes.


For more information on The Tennyson Learning Community School Improvement Offer, please use the contact form below. 

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