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Strong Governance

Strong Governance

Strong Governance

The fundamental principles of the organisation and the rules for Trust governance are laid out in the scheme of delegation.  The governance principles recognise the importance of developing relationships with common purpose as much as they are about developing processes and structures. Highly effective governance is underpinned by a common understanding about who is responsible for providing valuable input to decision making and who has the decision making responsibility.

  • We intend to ensure strong governance right from the outset in all our academies.
  • We will recruit Trustees and local governors for their skills and then ensure they govern in the best interest of our schools and the pupils.
  • We will be clear about the arrangements for the local governing body and what decisions will be delegated to school level and which will be managed centrally in the interests of efficiency and best value for schools within the scheme of delegation.

The Trust Board has overall responsibility and ultimate decision-making authority for all the work of the Trust, including the establishment and maintenance of the academies, scrutiny and challenge of academy education and financial performance. In addition, the Board ensures an effective flow of communication between the LGB, the AIB and the Trust Board.

A full list of executive and non-executive Trust leaders are set out in the Trust Directory.