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Trustees and Members

Trust Members



Constitution of Governance




  • As charitable companies limited by guarantee, the Members have a range of powers, including to sign and amend the articles, appoint and remove Trustees, and receive the annual accounts.

  • The Trust currently has 3 Members although we plan to move to five as the Trust grows to cover for any absence.

  • This will enable decision making without unanimity with the majority of Members independent of the Board of Trustees to enable them to exercise their powers objectively.

  • This provides for a diverse range of perspectives, robust decision making and reduces the risks of concentrating power.  It also ensures that Members can take decisions via special resolution without requiring unanimity.

  • Ensuring a significant degree of distinction between the Members and Trustees provides for a robust oversight of the Board.


  • The Trust Board consists of 7 trustees, including the CEO as ex-officio trustee.

  • There is a 20% limit on local authority influenced Board members. The Trust currently has 0 trustees (of nine) that is employed by a local authority.

  • The Board meets 6 times per academic year.

  • There are 3 committees constituted with terms of reference for finance, risk and audit, and, curriculum, Standards and Welfare

  • The finance, risk and audit committees meet concurrently six times per year, with 3 trustees on the committee, which is also attended by the CEO (accounting officer), the CFO, the Director of Education and the Head of IT, Estates and Operations.

  • The curriculum, Standards and Welfare committee meets 6 times per year, with 3 trustees on the committee, which is also attended by the CEO, the Director of Education and the school senior leaders.

Trustees and Members

Appointing to the Board

Vacancies for both Board members and trustees are advertised through the Academy Ambassadors Programme, which provides a matching service by identifying candidates to join a multi-academy trust as a pro bono non-executive director. 

Further details about the governance of the Trust is available to view on https://www.get-information-schools.service.gov.uk/ 

Trustees and members are also listed as officers with Companies House: https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/12028640