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Tennyson Primary School

Trustees and Members

Trust Members

As charitable companies limited by guarantee, the Members have a range of powers, including to sign and amend the articles, appoint and remove Trustees, and receive the annual accounts.

The Trust currently has 3 Members although we plan to move to five as the Trust grows to cover for any absence. This will enable decision making without unanimity with the majority of Members independent of the Board of Trustees to enable them to exercise their powers objectively. This provides for a diverse range of perspectives, robust decision making and reduces the risks of concentrating power.  It also ensures that Members can take decisions via special resolution without requiring unanimity. Ensuring a significant degree of distinction between the Members and Trustees provides for a robust oversight of the Board.

Employees of the Trust cannot be Members of the Trust and there will be no more than 19.9% of the Members associated with the local authority. The majority will be UK based with highly relevant UK educational expertise including experience of school improvement.

Trustees and Members


Tracy Cowan 

Tracy is the Chair of the Tennyson Learning Community. She is the Chief Executive Officer for the Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity based in Cardington, Bedfordshire. Tracy is the former chair of Tennyson Road Primary School and a National Leader of Governance. She has over 20 years’ experience in the Education Sector including two Local Authorities and was the Assistant Director for Student Experience for the University of Bedfordshire in Luton. Prior to that Tracy was in the Corporate Sector.  Tracy has past experience as a trustee including a Luton-based secondary and primary trust, and a Bedfordshire based Schools Trust.  She also was appointed to an Interim Education Board in West London by the then Secretary of State for Education.

Geoffrey Bent 

Geoff is an experienced school improvement professional and has senior leadership experience and extensive headship experience. He has experience leading and managing a team of school improvement professionals and working to raise standards in schools and settings. In addition, his role included developing partnerships with other agencies of children’s services; contributing to governor advice, challenge, support and training and to the appointment of Head teachers and their performance management. 

Robert Jordan 

Robert is a former teacher and has a long experience in the commercial sector within the Insurance industry. Robert is an economics graduate and brings to the trust a high level of business acumen together with a good understanding of education and the pervading issues faced by schools and academies.


Hilary Power 

Hilary is the Chief Executive Officer of the Trust. She is a national leader of education (NLE) and led Tennyson Road Primary School through its first outstanding Ofsted inspection, having previously had senior leadership experience in Hertfordshire. She supports the local authority with school to school support and leadership development and is formerly a governor of a Luton primary school. The most recent Ofsted judged Tennyson Road as Outstanding (May 2013). In 2014 the local authority agreed an expansion programme with the school and the opening of a second site. Hilary has managed the growth of the school from 210 to 630 pupils maintaining outstanding pupil outcomes and operating at capacity throughout.

Caroline Dawes 

Caroline is a school improvement professional with experience of working with a range of schools and systems, both locally and internationally, to improve outcomes for all pupils. She has a particular interest and expertise in the teaching and learning of mathematics and is Ofsted trained with international experience. Caroline is currently the Senior School Improvement Adviser for Luton Borough Council having previously worked as a general inspector in Camden. Caroline has worked with a number of Luton schools through the academy conversion process and provided links through to local authority officers, in this respect.

Hilary Fine 

Hilary is an experienced product manager in education with particular interest in how outcomes can be improved for learners, teachers and schools through effective use of assessment and the interpretation of the results. She currently works for GL Assessment, one of the leading providers of formative assessments to UK schools. Hilary has developed standardised assessments for schools in use around the world presenting data that helps to drive and inform school improvement. Hilary has also managed the development and standardisation of termly assessments for grammar, punctuation and spelling in key stage 2 and mathematics and reading in key stage 3, as well as developing analysis and reporting tools to support the assessments. Hilary is a co-opted governor in a primary school.

Amanda Harcus

Amanda is vice-chair of the Trust. She has in-depth operational and strategic experience of human resources and has operated at executive level in highly complex, large organisations across both the private and public sector. She has supported the emerging trust with the appointment of the executive, central team, providing invaluable support to the chair, Tracy Cowan. Amanda provided strong advice during the conversion process and how it was likely to impact on staff as they transferred to the new employer.

Cathy Stormonth

Cathy is an education consultant working with schools and early years settings. She is the chair of governors for a Catholic schools federation and is a current Ofsted inspector with 26 years’ experience. Cathy worked for Buckinghamshire education authority from 2005 to 2016 with responsibility for traded services including: CPD, School Improvement Consultancy Services - both nationally and internationally, and marketing the Services for Schools programme.