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Tennyson Primary School

Welcome to the Trust

Welcome to the Trust

Together in strength and in partnership

Welcome to the Tennyson Learning Community website. We are a Primary Academy Trust with the aim of supporting and leading the growth and improvement of excellent primary academies across the region. Our beehive logo is symbolic of our ambition. The hexagon is the perfect shape, the one that holds together in strength, harmony and efficiency.

We are driven by a vision that every child has the right to outstanding teaching and, every academy, exceptional leadership. It is our mission to work with our children, their parents and carers and our staff to create and to sustain excellent academies.

We set the highest expectations for our leaders and teachers to support and stretch every child. We ensure that pupils make the strongest progress possible and build the skills, knowledge and attributes that will prepare them well to make that all-important start to their secondary school and in preparation to face the demands of modern living. The work of staff in our academies is underpinned by a rigorous emphasis on keeping our children safe at all times, considering the wider environmental factors in their lives that influence their safety and welfare.

Our working and leadership principles and policy framework underpin our statutory obligations to the community and stakeholders as well as our ambitions for the pupils. Above all, however, we remember that parents and carers are the child’s first, best and most important teacher. We aim to foster and build upon the relationship between home and school so that together we can provide the children with an outstanding education.

In this endeavour, parents and carers and the pupils will have our full commitment.

Hilary Power

Chief Executive Officer


Director of Education - Jo Quince

My name is Jo Quince and I am the Director of Education for the Trust.  My role is to ensure academy effectiveness and work alongside leaders within the trust to ensure that every child has the opportunities to be the very best they can be.  It is vital that all of the pupils in the Tennyson Learning Community are given the best chances to achieve and succeed.  We aim to work within schools in the trust to help guide, challenge and support our partners to enable pupils to be happy, safe and ready to learn.  The well-being of our staff is also important to the Tennyson Learning Community and staff development is high on our agenda. 

We believe in guiding our communities to overcome barriers collaboratively and across the trust there will be a strong ethos around partnership.  Aiming high is also a key theme in the TLC and this will be disseminated throughout our schools, with many opportunities for partners to share excellence and leadership.  Tennyson Road Primary has an a strong reputation for achievement and standards and our aim is that all of our children in the Tennyson Learning Community leave Primary School ready to face the challenges of High school and beyond.  Our enriching and engaging curriculum prepares children for the next steps in life, broadens horizons as well as maximising potential.  We firmly believe school should be an enjoyable experience for not only our pupils, but also our parents and carers and we look forward to working closely with you.